What is Keystone Benefits Partners?

Keystone Benefits Partners (KBP) is a member owned, member governed organization of employers.  Collectively, KBP members purchase employee benefits and participate in highly effective risk and cost management programs. Each of the KBP member organizations is qualified and accepted by their peers.

Since its inception in 2008, this program has been driving down the escalating cost of employee benefits and offering its member companies total control, flexibility, and tools designed to meet their human capital needs. This is a powerful and proven program that also provides members with opportunities to participate and benefit from the sharing of “best practices” with several of the area's best quality companies.

The member organizations of KBP are a growing list of “who’s who” in the regional business community, and each board member will gladly share how his/her organization has benefited from the KBP program, and will tell you that it’s a proven risk model. The shared vision and goal of the KBP members is rather clear: control and drive down the cost of employee benefits year after year! We are proud to state that this program is “bending the cost curve” and that it is exceeding those expectations!

News and Updates

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KBP New Member Announcement - 9/1/19
We are pleased to announce the following company joined KBP effective September 1, 2019:     The Noble Group, LLC   You will likely see representatives at upcoming meetings, please welcome them to your KBP!
KBP New Member Announcement - 6/1/19
We are pleased to announce the following companies who joined KBP effective June 1, 2019:   Harrisburg Dairies River Rock Academy, Inc.   Please welcome them to your KBP!
Keystone Benefits Partners Owner's Event
Keystone Benefits Partners Owner's Event
On Thursday, March 28th, owners and C-suite executives were invited to participate in an exclusive KBP event sponsored by the Membership Development Committee.  Craft Tastings, LLC presented a Beer and Chocolate Pairing at our McConkey Office.  Jeff Glass also provided a brief KBP overview.  A good time was had by all.
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KBP Member Spotlight

Meet Scott Thomassy from PACE Resources, Inc.


"Hello, my name is Scott Thomassy. I’m the CFO of PACE Resources, Inc. in York, PA. PACE is a holding company which basically means that we own other companies. For these companies, we provide certain administrative functions as well as leverage the buying power of the entire enterprise where practical. Our two best known entities are Buchart Horn and Print-O-Stat. "

"We’ve been in KBP since its beginning. PACE was one of the four companies that banded together to form KBP. We were already in the Affinity Captive insurance group and were looking to apply that successful experience to our health insurance program. Through the vision and guidance of McConkey and Benecon, the idea of KBP became reality. This allowed us to start a self-funded health program with a little less risk. "

"After ten plus years, we are still part of KBP and it has grown immensely. Now there’s over 50 members representing 100+ companies. This size has allowed for very stable reinsurance pricing. It’s also given us more leverage with the program vendors. Being self-funded has allowed us to mitigate the steep premium increases that has become the norm of health insurance. It’s also allowed us to greatly benefit from several low benefit utilization years. "

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