KBP Member Spotlight

Meet Scott Thomassy from PACE Resources, Inc.


"Hello, my name is Scott Thomassy. I’m the CFO of PACE Resources, Inc. in York, PA. PACE is a holding company which basically means that we own other companies. For these companies, we provide certain administrative functions as well as leverage the buying power of the entire enterprise where practical. Our two best known entities are Buchart Horn and Print-O-Stat. "

"We’ve been in KBP since its beginning. PACE was one of the four companies that banded together to form KBP. We were already in the Affinity Captive insurance group and were looking to apply that successful experience to our health insurance program. Through the vision and guidance of McConkey and Benecon, the idea of KBP became reality. This allowed us to start a self-funded health program with a little less risk. "

"After ten plus years, we are still part of KBP and it has grown immensely. Now there’s over 50 members representing 100+ companies. This size has allowed for very stable reinsurance pricing. It’s also given us more leverage with the program vendors. Being self-funded has allowed us to mitigate the steep premium increases that has become the norm of health insurance. It’s also allowed us to greatly benefit from several low benefit utilization years. "

Meet Andy Miller from Heidler Roofing


Heidler Roofing joined Keystone Benefits Partner (KBP) in 2012. Prior to that time we were in the fully insured market and were growing weary of the large premium increases we were experiencing upon renewals and the lack of information to support those renewal numbers. Spending on employee benefits was growing at a rapid pace and we were looking for a unique solution in the market to control this volatile expense. We considered self-funding but with a relatively small group size we were very leery of being able to purchase Stop Loss coverage at a reasonable price point without the additional exposure to lasering, which is common the Stop Loss market.

In 2008 we discovered that E.K. McConkey had started KBP which was in fact a unique approach to providing self-insured health coverage by bringing companies together as “benefit partners” to leverage the larger overall group size in the insurance market. Unfortunately for Heidler Roofing, our total covered employee lives did not qualify for entry into the program at that time. Then in 2012, the threshold for meeting minimum group size was amended and the opportunity to gain what we sought as an enhanced insurance solution through self-funding was available to us.

Since joining KBP we have experienced the stability upon renewal, claims & data transparency, and Stop Loss coverage benefits we initially sought. Not only have we seen those benefits but we also have been able to build a much stronger approach to managing claims through interacting with our benefits partners and the expertise E.K. McConkey and Benecon provide to us.

"I’ve heard brokers say that you should not self-fund your health insurance unless you have at least 200-250 covered employee lives. Perhaps that is true if you desire to self-fund on your own. But Heidler Roofing covers less than 100 employee lives, and through KBP, self-funding has worked extremely well for us providing premium stability and enhanced Stop Loss coverage protection. I am convinced that there is no better way for us to manage our health insurance benefits."

- Andy Miller, Controller - Heidler Roofing

Meet Annette Emrich-Starry from ECORE International


"I remember when I first became responsible for handling our health insurance plan many years ago, I was terrified. I was not new in my HR role but I was pretty “green” in handling a self-funded medical plan budget. At renewal time, I tried to lean on our broker for help, but felt that the estimation of claims for the budget was not very scientific and I felt pretty vulnerable financially should we have a bad year. After one year of watching my budget like a hawk, losing sleep over big claims and calculating stop loss reimbursements, I was so ready for the KBP program. It was one of our Board members who told us about KBP and put us in contact with Jeff and Frank. After learning about the concept of what this health consortium can do for us, I felt so relieved. The switch was pretty seamless. The protection and peace of mind was priceless. Over the years, we truly learned what it means to be part of this group…excellent service and great protection. Many thanks to McConkey and Benecon for being there for us!"

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