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Keystone Benefits Partners Celebrates 15 Years

We are proud to announce that this year marks our 15th Anniversary since the inception of Keystone Benefits Partners. We want to thank our members, our vendors, and our support team for making this possible.

Developed by McConkey Benefits & Financial Services and Benecon in 2008, Keystone Benefits Partners, LLC (referred to as KBP) is a member-owned, member-governed organization of employers. Keystone Benefits Partners was created for the purpose of driving down the escalating cost of providing employee benefits and offers its member companies total control, flexibility, with tools designed to meet their human capital needs. This is a powerful and proven program that also provides members with opportunities to participate and benefit from the sharing of best practices with some of the area’s best and strongest companies. We are proud to state that this program is bending the cost curve and that it is exceeding those expectations.


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