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A proven risk model for controlling and driving down the cost of employee benefits.

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What is Keystone Benefits Partners?

Keystone Benefits Partners (KBP) is a highly-evolved group purchasing organization designed to control risk. Member-owned and member-governed, KBP members purchase employee benefits and participate in highly effective risk and cost management programs. Each of the KBP member organizations is qualified and accepted by their peers.

Since its inception in 2008, this program has been driving down the escalating cost of employee benefits and offering its member companies total control, flexibility, and tools designed to meet their human capital needs. This is a powerful and proven program that also provides members with opportunities to participate and benefit from the sharing of best practices with several of the area’s best quality companies.

About Our Program
Our Goal and Vision

The shared vision and goal of the KBP members is rather clear: control and drive down the cost of employee benefits year after year! We are proud to state that this program is bending the cost curve and that it is exceeding those expectations!

What Makes KBP Different?

The “Keystone” of KBP is the most highly evolved and controlled risk structures in the industry today. What an employer pays for benefits today is driven largely by the insurance market, leaving those in the standard insurance market to control cost through shifting benefits. KBP changes this market dynamic.

Structure and build strategic benefit plans that work best for your workforce.

Each member company maintains full control over its own benefits programs.

KBP member companies have truly gained and maintained control over benefit costs.

More About KBP

Strength. Control. Stability.

"The possibility of better managing our medical claims and administrative costs through a self-insured program with the added benefit of group purchasing of stop-loss coverage. KBP’s service providers have provided PACE with the tools and reporting capabilities that greatly assist PACE in managing the medical benefits."

Hal McClure, Retired CFOFounding Member and Former President, KBP
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How Can You Benefit From KBP?

The rewards of our unique program and proprietary risk structure are clear to KBP members. We have proven to “bend the curve” on the cost trends and have positioned each KBP member to achieve and maintain control over corporate expenses related to employee benefits.

We help our clients achieve and maintain control over corporate expenses related to employee benefits.

We provide advanced data analytics because better insight means better strategy and better outcomes.

We group leveraged medical, dental, vision, life, disability, employee assistance, and even structured wellness programs.

We provide tools with leading-edge online eligibility management and bill reconciliation software.

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